POLICE seized four cars for a variety of motoring offfences as they continued their crackdown on rogue drivers.

A spokesman for the force's No Excuse team said: "The first vehicle to come to the teams attention had been SORN'd since September 2019.

"The owner has already paid a fine for not updating the DVLA and stated the vehicle wasn't used so didn't tax it.

"However it was being used on the school run.

"No Excuse for not keeping a vehicles documentation in order."

"The second vehicle today came to our attention due to bad driving. Again after the school run.

"This driver has never sat his test, ie provisional only. No 'L' plates or qualified teacher. Vehicle seized and driver reported.

"No Excuse not to pass a driving test first before you drive on your own.

"Third vehicle seized related to a delivery driver at work with no licence.

"Some members of public personal thanked the team for taking this vehicle off the road due to previous issues with it within the area.

"No Excuse for not having the correct documentation to drive.

"The fourth car seized by the team was on the school run home.

"Driver has a revoked refused licence due to medical grounds.

"This driver was stopped under the same circumstances, with a different vehicle which was also seized two weeks ago. Will he learn?

"Again his partner and small child have gone off in a taxi.

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