A girl was rescued from drowning today morning. She tried to cross the lake, going on the thin ice. The employees of the Rescuers and Firefighters Detachment of the Botanica General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (IGSU) managed to save the child, but they also granted her the first qualified medical help, reads a statement of the IGSU.

The case happened in the Botanica sector of the capital.

"On the morning of February 3, the rescuers of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations rescued a 18-year-old girl from drowning. The call to the 112 Service was registered at 09:01. According to the data received, the case happened on the bank of the pond from the address Dacia 50/8 boulevard, from Chisinau municipality, when the child tried to cross the lake on the thin ice," the IGSU statement said.

Two rescue crews intervened immediately. Following the incident, the girl had hypothermia and was taken by doctors to the Institute of Mother and Child.

The cause and circumstances of the case are to be determined.

IGSU employees warn people about the danger of walking on ice.