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October 2019 - No trick or treaters for me.

Well, it ain't October 29th.

None of the links you posted debunk global warming or this topic, it's just that simple. Global warming is real and it causes Climate Change. The ice caps truly are melting rapidly, the ocean's currents are getting warmer with their speed is increasing, and Antarctica just had a record warm temperature in the mid-60's.

There's that reality thingy once again, debunking Denier's claims.

Halloween is not on October 29.

Weather and climate are two different things and you are talking about global weather.

I could care less what day Halloween is on. The topic isn't about "Halloween"

Climate change is caused by Global Warming and Climate Change has cause global weather to change. It's very simple you see. Of course that could seem very complicated to a Denier.

According to you, the topic is about October 29. During the ice age, climate change was caused by global cooling. Of course, that could seem very complicated to a Chicken Little.