The reigning English champions, Manchester City, has been ruled out of the Champions League in the next two seasons and has scored a giant-a fine of 225 million kroner by UEFA. It happens, after that the club has broken the rules on Financial Fair Play, which Ekstra Bladet wrote about already in the summer.

It informs The union of European Football associations (UEFA) on Friday in a press release, in which it also appears that it is The Club Financial Control Body (CFCB), who investigated the case.

in Addition, Manchester-the club abandoned the false information about its sponsor income, thus having to cover over the offense. More specifically, is it about jersey and stadionsponsoren, Etihad, which is actually not pay the amount of money Manchester City have abandoned. It makes on the other hand the company Abu Dhabi United Group that owns Manchester City and is headed by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who actually also owns the Etihad.

Manchester City are not surprisingly disagree with the verdict and intend to appeal against it:

Manchester City is disappointed, but not surprised by UEFA.

the Club has always expected to end up to seek an independent body to impartially assess the irrefutable evidence that supports the club's position.

- This is a case that is started by UEFA, run by UEFA, and sentenced by UEFA. Now when this judgmental process is over, the club will as soon as possible to pursue an impartial judgment, and will therefore by first rewarding opportunity open a case with the CAS, the Sport's Independent court of Appeal, ed.), write the club in a statement.

This is the last sentence is not set in the case - but it is not, however, the desire for Manchester City.

AC Milan have previously received a similar penalty, with two years of quarantine, but got through the CAS negotiated for just a single year quarantine from european football, which the club is now serving.

In Serie A meant that the teams from Milan were promoted a place on the qualification ladder for the european tournaments, which also can make its presence felt in the Premier League. Here occupies Manchester City is currently ranked second, which is significant with a Champions League place.

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