Investigators now believe they know what happened after four people were found dead inside of an eastern Idaho house.

"this is a very small community and we band together as a community when tragedy like this starts."

A local mother is in mourning after discovering her entire family was killed while she was away on a business trip.

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And i'm melissa hackney... investigators now believe they know what happened after four people... including three children... were found dead inside of an eastern idaho happened in the small town of preston which has about 5-thousand people.police say the couple in the home...had been going through a divorce.but friends say nobody could have predicted what happened there this weekend.that's where kpvi's news that works for you reporter magdala loussaint... picks up the story.

The small ..

Rural... idaho town of preston ... is grieving.jill parrish/ family friend: "this is a very small community and we band together as a community when tragedy like this starts."an unexpected tragedy happened ... at this home.ken geddes; preston police chief: "one of the children's friends had come to the home to check on him.

Hadn't been able to contact him and come into the home to check on him and found the situation."sunday evening just before 5.... preston police were called here for a gruesome scene."there was two rooms. corbin was in a room by himself, the other two children were in a bed and the father was near the bed."four people died.

Three of them... children.15 year old corbin, 7 year old mccoy and 6 year old jessica."jessica was the brightest little girl.

Mccoy... could get into anything and he did.

And corbin was a through a through cowboy."the suspect is their father, tate spillett.

Police say he shot and killed his two of his children, and step son before shooting himself."all of the deceased died of gunshot wounds.

The weapon used was a semi automatic rifle."the mother, summer spillett, was traveling out of state for work.questions now flood the minds of family friends.

Wondering... why and what could they have done to help."remember jess' beautiful little smile and mccoy's mischievousness, and corbin's spunk that he had.

Just keep that alive."reporting in preston, magdala louissaint, kpvi..

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Police added that the children were found in their beds and were likely sleeping when they were killed.there's a go-fund and a crowd-fund-me page set up for the family.we'll place that link on our website at kpvi

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