((kevin)) tonight, new information about the man who police say was shot and killed outside of a detail shop in downtown little rock.

Good evening, i'm kevin kelly.((donna)) i'm donna terrell.

The deadly shooting happened tuesday afternoon on the 800 block of east capitol.

Police are looking for the woman witnesses say pulled the trigger.((kevin)) fox16's jonathan rozelle -- speaking with the victim's family earlier today.

He's live in the control room -- jonathan?

((jonathan))kevin and donna, his loved ones could barely share any words, but they were able to provide a glimpse of the who man was taken away from them.

((cynthia sieber -- victim's wife)) "i just wanted to come on today to ask the community to help us in any way you can."cynthnia sieber fights tears ...((cynthia sieber -- victim's wife))"my husband..."47-year-old harvel 'todd' sieber, was shot and killed outside of hines detail shop in little rock tuesday.

Witnesses say a woman showed up at the shop.... started acting crazy and then shot a man in the leg.

That's when police say sieber pulled out a gun and shot at her... investigators say she fired back.... striking him in the chest.

((cynthia sieber -- victim's wife))"my husband was the most genuine fabulous christian person that anyone will ever meet and there is no reason for this.

"now, the hunt is on for his killer.

((ethan mccullar -- victim's brother-in-law))" "it's hard to lose someone in this waysieber's other-in-law, ethan mccullar, says todd was a family man.((ethan mccullar -- victim's brother-in-law)) "he was literally, probably, the best man i ever met.

He was a great father.

Provided for his family "he says his brother-in-law loved to hunt, the church and helping others.((ethan mccullar -- victim's brother-in-law)) "he was a really well known liked, respected guy"now his family pleads to help find his killer and bring justice to a man who was loved by so many.((ethan mccullar -- victim's brother-in-law)) " please anything anyone can do to get this person off the street will be more appreciated than they understand"((cynthia sieber -- victim's wife)) " i just want to ask the community's help to find whoever did this for me and my family."

((jonathan))the man shot in the leg is alright tonight.

Little rock police tell me they are following up on leads about the woman.they ask anyone who knows anything to give them a call.back to you.

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