Tonight: chance of flurries, george and katie á most folks around here are used to the cold, but even so, it is going to be downright frigid.

Anyone who works outside, even for a short time, could be putting themselves at risk for frostbite.

Xxx "well, you just gotta make sure you have plenty of layers on.

That's the key.

You can't dress like a snowman, you have to have plenty of layers so you can come in and out and still do business."

Jon mccuskey over at hosmer toyota tells me his strategy for dealing with cold weather at the dealership.

Layering seems to be the rule of thumb.

So what about those temperature ratings you see on jackets?

Matt curtis, who owns wayne's ski cycle and fitness says they can be misleading.

"i don't really find them very relevant because what might keep me warm at minus twenty doesn't keep the next person warm so we all have our own internal thermometer."

There's lots of options when it comes to choosing winter gear.

Curtis says jackets with natural fill may be your best bet.

"some of the synthetics that are the loft insulations like the downs are really doing a good job, but we really havent found anything that's next to the skin that will do as good of a job as wool does.

Wool next to the skin is still by far the best thing."

If you want a high tech approach to avoiding frostbite, you can even use your smartphone to keep you warm.

"there's new technologies out with heated socks now that heat the bottom and the top of your foot and they're also connected through bluetooth so you can actually control that from your phone."

If the choices for staying warm seem overwhelming, the best advice is to make sure your bare skin is covered when you are if you were curious á mccuskey told me the cold weather might not keep customers away from the car dealership.

He says they sometimes see a spike in sales from people replacing their cars that just can't make it through another winter.

The mayo clinic says frostbite can start with a cold prickly feeling with some skin discoloration.

With a windchill of around minus 16 degrees, it only takes a half hour to set in./// it was one of the biggest

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