Baboon's go bags are a wild mix of form and function. The super-durable and water-resistant bags are ready for any adventure with adjustable shoulder straps and easy-access pockets, while the cool design and bright colors give the bags a streetstyle vibe. These bags look equally at home in a hip hotel in Kyoto as they do at Everest base camp. The best part? The absolutely outrageous patterned interiors featuring colorful illustrations of dinosaurs, astronauts, and tigers.

Don't hate the smart packers in your life. Sure, they can smile a little smugly as you get that shameful "heavy" sticker slapped on your giant case. And yes, there was no need for that excessively cheery "see you later!" as they breezed off the plane and past baggage claim after landing. They are not working Mary-Poppins-magic by somehow making that compact bag produce new outfits every day on a two-week trip while you haul around an overstuffed bag filled with nothing to wear; they're just packing smart. Don't hate, celebrate! Salute the efficient packer on your list with the ultimate smart-travel gift: an item that does double-duty. Madewell's cute and cozy Packable Puffer is a lightweight puffer with an easy A-line shape that folds into itself to become a comfy neck pillow. And it's filled with a warm-as-down alternative made of 100% recycled content (one women's jacket = 15 plastic bottles, one men's = 20½). Gift yourself one, too, and before you know it you'll be rolling instead of folding and carrying-on with the other smart-asses.

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