Hundreds of millions of Python packages are downloaded using Conda every month. That's why we are excited to announce the release of condastats, a conda statistics API with Python interface and Command Line interface. Now anyone can use this tool to conduct research on usage statistics for Conda packages. This project is inspired by pypistats, which is a Python client and CLI for retrieving PyPI package statistics.

Since May 2019, we have published hourly summarized download data for all Conda packages, conda-forge channel, and a few other channels. The dataset starts January 2017 and is uploaded once a month. Condastats is built on top of this public Anaconda package data and returns monthly package download statistics.

There are five sub-commands in the condastats command: overall, pkg_platform, data_source, pkg_version, and pkg_python. Run in terminal or run in Jupyter Notebook to see all sub-commands:

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