Good morning to all- Look, my friends, the options for those of us who oppose the present occupant of the White House are limited. The impeachment process, although revealing of just how vile this man and those who surround him are. will probably fail due to the number of spineless, gutless republicans in the Senate. The facts are out there. The guilt is obvious. The political setup will save the worthless **bleep**.

The only option we who are sickened by this debased man have is to vote him and his supporters out. ALL people- black, brown, white, young, old, educated, not educated- everyone with any sense at all must go to the poills and send the garbage home. It will take a mighty effort to motivate all of the people who are being damaged by this corrupt band of thugs to go to the polls and vote them out.

If enough of us do this, even though tRump's Russian support will work against us, we CAN SEND THIS GARBAGE OUT OF POWER.