Sen. Kamala Harris dropped out of the 2020 presidential race Tuesday, following in the footsteps of former Texas Rep. Beto O'Rourke and Montana Gov. Steve Bullock, among others. Harris announced her decision in an email to her supporters Tuesday morning.

"To my supporters, it is with deep regret -- but also with deep gratitude -- that I am suspending my campaign today," Harris wrote. "But I want to be clear with you: I am still very much in this fight. And I will keep fighting every day for what this campaign has been about. Justice for The People. All the people."

Harris' decision to remove herself from the race comes as somewhat of a surprise, as she was seen as a leading Democratic party candidate from the beginning. In recent months, though, Harris has struggled to keep her poll numbers up and to obtain sufficient funding, according to CNN.

"So here's the truth today. I've taken stock and looked at this from every angle, and over the last few days have come to one of the hardest decisions of my life," Harris said, per CNN. "My campaign for president simply doesn't have the financial resources we need to continue."

Harris continued by noting that, as she is not a billionaire, she is unable to completely fund her own campaign and that, as the race has progressed, it has been harder for her raise enough money, according to USA Today.

At the end of her email that announced the end of her campaign, Harris stated that, while she is no longer running for president, she will "do everything in (her) power to defeat Donald Trump and fight for the future of our country and the best of who we are."

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