AC Milan supremo suggested that a new stadium could stand alongside San Siro

AC and Inter Milan could be forced to stay at the San Siro and veto their extravagant plans for a brand new 60,000-seater stadium.

Leaked video footage released back in September showed off the two sides' plans for a new modern arena, which would have a huge glass exterior to mirror the oldest cathedral in Italy.

But now those plans could be put on the back burner, with Inter Milan CEO Alessandro Antonello admitted his club and AC Milan have been forced to propose new ideas and could renovate the current San Siro stadium.

Leaked footage of one proposed design for the San Siro has emerged on YouTube

The exterior of the stadium features a glass shell and is based on the iconic Milan Duomo

But now the plans could have been scuppered and both clubs are exploring other avenues

'From the meeting with the council, we received indications about the maintenance of the San Siro surface,' the Nerazzurri supremo said.

'We're working on various hypotheses and, once again, the clubs have made themselves available.

'We'll propose new ideas, starting from the maintenance of San Siro.'

Meanwhile, the AC Milan president Paolo Scaroni has suggested that a brand new stadium could exist alongside the San Siro.

'The council told us that it would keep feeding San Siro. It's an innovative idea because you'll have never seen two stadiums 100 metres from each other,' he said.

'We'll see if this idea is feasible. If not, the council has made itself available to analyse other possibilities that can save space.'

The current San Siro was opened in 1926 but has been renovated several times since

San Siro was set to be bulldozed with a new stadium built in its place but that may not happen

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