We're gearing up for another great TC Sessions Robotics+AI March 3 at UC Berkeley, and we've got some big names to announce. Last week, it was AI expert Stuart Russell and today we're pleased to note that we'll be joined by Amazon Robotics Chief Technologist, Tye Brady.

A co-founder of MassRobotics, Brady has held a number of high profile positions throughout the robotics and aerospace industries, including positions at Draper Laboratory, the Massachusetts Autonomous Air Vehicle Research and Innovation Consortium and IEEE. It's at Amazon, however, that he's had his largest impact on the future of robotics and retail.

Founded in 2012 with the acquisition of Kiva Systems, Amazon Robotics leverages fulfillment center robots to transform warehouses across the nation. Amazon has amassed one of the world's largest robotic workforces, with more than 100,000 deployed across various warehouses across the U.S. The system all present unique potential to help streamline the company's massive number of packages.

During Brady's tenure, the robotics have become an increasingly essential element of Amazon's day-to-day operations, working alongside human counterparts to increase the efficiency of the company's already speedy services. The executive will join us to discuss the company's efforts and the future of the automation-driven workforce.

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