LG is rolling out the stable version of Android 10 to the G8 ThinQ in Korea. This same update is expected to hit the Sprint variant before the end of this month following the leaked Android 10 final build that recently popped up online.

Owners of the LG V50 ThinQ on the American carrier can also install the latest Android 10 on their units, albeit in beta, but the stable release could wait until next year.

But for those rocking the V50's immediate predecessor on the same Sprint - the LG V40 ThinQ - the update to Android Pie hasn't even arrived yet this device is also hopeful to get updated to Android 10. Tragic, if you ask me, but all is not lost, so it seems.

About a month ago, an Android Pie build for Sprint's LG V40 ThinQ popped up online, suggesting that the update was in the works, but we didn't have a clue of when the software would be released.

As it stands, folks at MyLGPhones have had their hands on what they believe is the final Android Pie build for the V40 ThinQ, implying that Sprint owners of the device will soon receive the OTA update.

When the OTA rollout begins, the LG V40 Pie update will come your way as version V20a, up from the current Oreo-based build V15d. The V20a package was created on November 29 and thus is expected to roll out this month.

Unfortunately, the download file for this particular Pie-based ROM for the V40 ThinQ on Sprint is still elusive, but it should be available soon alongside the OTA update. We will let you know when the wider rollout begins.

The last time we talked about an LG V40 Pie update on PiunikaWeb was back when the OTA arrived in India, which is over four months ago. That has been a pretty long wait for Sprint fans and it's going to be even much longer for Android 10 to arrive.

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