Amazon Web Services on Tuesday announced SageMaker Studio, a fully-integrated development environment for machine learning. A web-based IDE, SageMaker Studio allows you to store and collect all things you need, whether it's code, notebooks or project folders, all in one place with one pane of glass.

The new IDE is part of SageMaker, Amazon's end-to-end machine learning service. At the AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, AWS CEO Andy Jassy said that the introduction of SageMaker was a "sea-level change" for machine learning.

"With SageMaker Studio, it's a giant leap forward," he said. "If you really want machine to be as expansive as we think it should be, you have to make it more accessible."

SageMaker Studio comprises several tools, including SageMaker Notebooks, SageMaker Experiments, SageMaker Debugger and SageMaker Autopilot.

In a nutshell, Jassy outlined a machine learning strategy that aims to automate a lot of headaches in building models. Here's a look at some of the key SageMaker Studio parts:

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