(CNS): Visiting Grand Court judge, Justice Tim Owen, has put a stay on the people-initiated referendum on the government's proposed cruise dock in order to allow time for judicial review applications by both Shirley Roulstone, a CPR member, and the National Trust for the Cayman Islands to be properly aired in the court. Justice Owen said he believed there was a case to be heard and a provisional date has been set for late January.

The JR application was heard in chambers Tuesday morning. Roulstone said she was very pleased that the courts had agreed to hear the judicial review, as she noted the importance of making this vote fair. She said the decision was very important.

"We have a wonderful, amazing legal team," said Roulstone, who was represented by Kate McClymont from Broadhurst Attorneys. "CPR has always been about transparency, democracy and upholding the laws of the land, but we don't think the referendum was handled in a very democratic or constitutional way and we wanted to fight that. But everyone will now be on notice that this is going to be a fair referendum when it happens."

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