Anguilla officials have issued an arrest warrant against a "fugitive" U.S. banker accused of killing a hotel worker on the Caribbean island.

The story of Scott Hapgood, a UBS trader from Connecticut who has been charged with manslaughter in the British island territory, has become an international incident. U.S. President Donald Trump has tweeted about it.

Hapgood, 44, and his family were on vacation in April when they said Kenny Mitchel, 27, tried to rob Hapgood at knifepoint in front of two of his children in their room at the Malliouhana hotel. A violent struggle ensued and Mitchel later died.

The banker skipped a court hearing and is now considered a "fugitive". He could be extradited to Anguilla to face a manslaughter charge for the death of Mitchel, the Caribbean island's attorney general said in a statement.

The warrant "will be circulated through Interpol to police forces around the world," the attorney general's office said in a statement.

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Hapgood's wife, Kallie Hapgood, went on "Fox & Friends" to bring attention to her husband's plight and seek help from Trump, which elicited his tweet.

Hapgood has returned to the island three times since he was charged and released on a $74,000 bond. However, he skipped his last hearing saying that he feared for his life.

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