PUNE: India is likely to play a more strategic role for British bank Barclays, as its global service centre in the country evolves to playing a more central role in technology development, said Praveen Kumar, co-CEO, Barclays Global Service Center India.

Kumar said its India operations were pivoting towards offering more specialized solutions.

"The robotic process automation function is driven from India and we recently set up a center of expertise for it. We also have an engineering center of expertise and all the work for Barclays is done from here," he said.

Going forward, more such centres of expertise are likely to emerge out of India.

Uma Ratnam, co-CEO, Barclays Global Service Center India, said that over the last three years, there had been a shift in the role played by its India centres. This happened alongside the structural changes that were done at the bank in the UK.

"The fundamental shift has been in looking at capabilities which we can build from here and maximise the ability to co-locate and collaborate on end-to-end work from here," she said.

Barclays on Wednesday announced the launch of a new centre in Pune, where it would consolidate its city-based operations.

The city houses about 9,000 of the company's employees, out of the 19,000 that are a part of its global service centre in India.

This is the single largest location for the bank outside its London headquarters.

Apart from Pune, it has centers in Noida and Chennai, which house a mix of operations, contact centre and tech staff. Pune is the main technology center for the bank in India though. The bank has been present in India since 2008, in which time the operations have evolved from being a back-office location to building key technology solutions.

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