An outside group backing President Donald Trump is targeting 27 Democratic lawmakers in a $2 million anti-impeachment ad campaign, The Hill is reporting.

America First Policies is launching the ads this week on social media, broadcast and cable television and in local newspapers. The ads will include the names and office phone numbers of specific vulnerable Democrats and urge people to call and pressure them to vote against impeachment.

One of those lawmakers is Rep. Abigail Spanberger, D-Va., whose district went for Trump in 2016.

"Investigations, lies, a witch hunt," the narrator says in one ad directed at her. "The radical left will stop at nothing to impeach President Trump. Better trade deals delayed, stronger borders obstructed, funding for our incomplete.

"A do-nothing Congress focused on a witch hunt and your Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger is siding with them. So call Congresswoman Spanberger. Tell her to end the witch hunt and oppose impeachment."

According to The Hill, the group says its polling has revealed Americans are skeptical of impeachment and would rather Congress focus on other issues.

"Instead of focusing their time and taxpayer money on hyper-partisan investigations, Congress needs to get back to the work of the people," said AFP president Brian Walsh. "This impeachment charade has gone on for far too long and has produced no evidence the president is guilty of any crime."

And Axios reported that AFP spokeswoman Kelly Sadler noted: "The goal is to make the impeachment vote as hard as possible for (the targeted Democrats)."

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