Arsenal couldn't bring themselves to end their winless run in Freddie Ljungberg's first game in charge against Norwich. Poor defending and a lack of creative ingenuity -- recurring problems -- cost them big as they could only scrape a draw. Next up is Brighton.

Freddie did not make many changes against Nowrich, as he had only been in charge for all of one training session. Brighton probably won't be much different, with only a few days added to that. It's highly likely that Ljungberg trusts the names that carry the most weight, which is what Unai Emery did in his final matches in charge as well.

That means that we are going to be asking the same kinds of players for the same kinds of things as we did against Norwich. The difference is that it will be at the Emirates and maybe Freddie has had more time to figure out a better strategy, but there are still questions aplenty to be asked.

That said, let's start moving into the five key players for this one. As you'll notice from the Predicted XI yet to come, it's hard to get a beat on who Freddie will turn to with so little of a track record, but let's assume he calls on much of the same against Brighton.

Here are the five key guys, starting with No. 5.

Okay, so not all the same guys. There was a huge outcry for Nicolas Pepe when the starting XI was announced against Norwich and an even bigger one when he didn't feature as a sub either. I don't think Freddie is going to want to continue pushing his luck in that arena.

Plus, there is a cluster of matches coming up, and Pepe is going to be needed, so best to get him back out there here.

That said, it will be up to Pepe to prove the fans right. He hasn't been a big feature in his inaugural year, which is perfectly fine. He has to acclimate. But all things considered, he has a fresh slate now with a new manager. It's time to get serious.

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