The Prime Minister was seen brushing his shoulders after an ex-serviceman warned him he had dandruff.

Preparing for the December 12 General Election, Boris Johnson paid a visit to residents at the Wilton Veterans Hub in Salisbury to win over support.

He shook hands with Paul O'Rourke, 57, and had chin wag with him from the other side of his bedroom.

The veteran explained how he had previously lived in a tent before moving to some other accommodation and then eventually the hub in recent days.

But as he walked away, Johnson looked taken aback when the resident told him said: 'You've got dandruff on you.'

The Prime Minister swept any potential debris off his shoulders and replied: 'OK, I've got to watch out for that then, thank you.'

O'Rourke, who served in the Royal Irish Rangers, said afterwards: 'Someone had to say something.'

The PM's visit comes after he blasted Jeremy Corbyn's attitude to security and defence as he prepares to welcome the world's leaders for a two-day Nato summit in the UK.

Speaking to The Sun he said key allies are 'anxious' about the prospect of the Labour leader walking into Number 10 and warned he 'sides with our enemies'.

But a Labour spokesman hit back at the Johnson and accused the Conservative-led Government of trying to 'keep people safe on the cheap'.

After having his dandruff pointed out, the PM got somewhat of a rougher ride from members of the public when he went for a walk around Salisbury's Christmas market.

One heckler shouted: 'How many children have you got?' while another accused him of 'ruining the country'.

Angry passers-by also grilled him on what he's going to do to stop disruption caused by rail strikes during the festive season.

The PM went to buy a brownie from a market stall but couldn't because they would only accept cash.

Just as the stallholder gets his card machine ready, a Tory aide whips out a tenner and hands it to Johnson to speed up the transaction.

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