Saraswati who is known as the queen of Luna and is famous on Instagram for her skills of doing makeup.

She hails from Malaysia and she is a super talented cosplayer and has got an ability to change her self into any pop culture character.

It is very easy for her to become like a classic Disney princess to contemporary dewy and lovely characters you name it and get it done by Saraswati.

One cannot believe in her skills even after watching her and it would not be wrong to call her a makeup magician.

She tries to give everything a modern touch yet she being a Muslim wears hijab.

Saraswati has incorporated the hijab very cleverly in her transformations which is a sign of her professionalism.

Saraswati's modesty along with her stunning looks come up with a beautiful amalgamation.

It is simply not wrong if people are loving her work because she is putting so much effort into it as it seems that makeup is her passion.

Her followers who have reached beyond 400k look forward to her new looks with a completely different character.

What views do you have for Saraswati and which of the character transformation you liked the most? We have compiled some outstanding transformations of Saraswati, scroll down and enjoy!

Saraswati has done really an amazing job and has proved that one can do anything if one has a passion for doing that very thing. There might be a lot of hard work behind this refined makeup through which she can turn herself into famous characters.

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