Gone are the days when one had to wait in line to buy a ticket for using transportation services in London. With the level of digital convenience at our fingertips, we can not only buy a ticket online, but also use digital payment options that only require our phones or smartwatches. Now, to smooth out the process even further, Apple has launched its Express Transit feature for Transport for London (TfL) customers.

Contactless payments make up for a big chunk of payments in the TfL system. However, it is not always seamless since Apple device users need to authenticate the payment via FaceID or TouchID. With the Express Payment option, one can simply tap their iPhone or Apple Watch on a yellow contactless card reader and they are free to travel. Here's all you need to know about the new service and how it works.

Setting up the Express Transit option in Apple Pay is quite easy. One needs to head over to settings on their device and the Wallet & Apple Pay option. Next, tap on the Travel Cards tab and scroll down to spot the Express Travel Card option. Tap on the option and select the card you would like to set up for the service. Follow the on-screen instructions and once your card is added, you can use the Express Transit feature without the need to authenticate yourself every single time while travelling on the TfL network.

Since the Apple Express Transit service doesn't require any form of authentication, one pressing question that comes to mind is; what happens if someone loses their iPhone? Apple reassures that the payment option can be used only for TfL services and unlike regular Apple Pay, it can't be used to make payments at shops or other venues. Additionally, one can remotely lock the card in case they lose their device and apart from Express Transit, all other payment options still require biometric authentication.

As for the Apple's Express Transit option availability, it can be used in all zones and across all Tfl Services, which include the Underground, trams, buses, Overground and tram. The payment option will work with iPhone SE, and iPhone 6 and above, along with the Apple Watch. In addition, if your device runs out of battery, Express Mode will still be active to help travellers complete their journey for up to five hours after the red Power Reserve icon pops up.

"Apple express pay is available anywhere served by pay as you go with contactless in London (including national rail stations in London)," a TfL spokesperson told The Verge in a statement. "So if there is a yellow reader there, it should work."

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