Mubasher: Russia's Gazprom is expected to lead global energy companies in terms of global trunk or transmission pipeline length additions for projects planned and announced between 2019 and 2023, according to a report released by UK's data analytics and consulting company GlobalData.

The state-owned gas company is expected to contribute 5% of global new-build pipeline additions by 2023, the report said.

Gazprom is forecast to have a planned new-build pipeline length of 16,153 kilometres and an announced new-build pipeline length of 208 kilometres by 2023, GlobalData revealed.

"Nord Stream 2, a shallow-water gas pipeline project running from Russia to Germany, is the largest upcoming pipeline project in Gazprom's portfolio with a new-build length of 2,400km. The pipeline is expected to start operations in 2020," Oil and Gas Analyst at GlobalData, Sunrita Dutta, commented.

In the second rank comes Indian Oil Corp (IOC), with a new-build planned and announced pipeline length of 9,621 kilometres by 2023.

Planned to be operational in 2023, India's Mehsana-Bhatinda gas pipeline project is the major upcoming pipeline project in IOC's portfolio, which has a proposed length of 1,670 kilometres.

"Gail (India) stands third globally, with a new-build planned and announced trunk pipeline length of 7,096 kilometres. The Jagdishpur-Haldia gas pipeline project in India is the most important project in the company's portfolio and is slated to begin operations in 2020," Dutta concluded.

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