FARGO -- Public works crews have been working around the clock to make roads driveable after 9 inches of snow blanketed the Fargo-Moorhead metro over the weekend.

"We've been doing 12-hour shifts a crew, so 24 hours between both of us," she said.

The crews are working to widen the streets after the snowstorm, but they couldn't do it right away with the heavy, wet snow.

"Generally, what takes four or five hours was taking six, seven, eight hours to do, so it was just a lot slower," said Lee Anderson, the supervisor for Fargo Public Works.

A reminder to take it slow on roads in snowy conditions

Along with making more room for drivers, crews were also laying down a mix of sand and salt, called a slicer.

"It eats the ice a little faster," Brandi explained.

Lee Anderson said with each grain of the mix, it makes drivers feel more secure, and over the course of the weekend, drivers were happy to show love back.

"(We got) friendly waves and thumbs-ups, so that was appreciated," he said.

Anderson has a positive outlook for the rest of the cleanup effort.

"(The) weather looks good for this week, so hopefully, we get the areas cleaned up that we need to and we'll do it all over again the next time," he said.

On Monday night, crews started work on the downtown Fargo area, and they plan to haul snow out of the streets in and around the area over the next day or two.

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