The biggest story in sports right now has to do with the NCAA suspending Chase Young for allegedly taking a loan to help pay for his girlfriend to attend the Rose Bowl.

Nobody seems to be on the side of the NCAA, and that includes LeBron James.

LeBron has attacked the NCAA several times over the years on the way they handle transfers and suspensions, so it's no surprise that he had something to say with the Chase Young situation.

ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit announced that Young is most likely suspended for four games and LeBron was not happy about that.

"See what I'm saying now! They don't care about them kids at all. Only about how they can make them money," James wrote on Twitter.

"The fact Chase Young even had to borrow money from a family member just so his girlfriend could come see him play in one of the biggest games of his life (Rose Bowl) should tell you all you need to know," James said. "And since y'all always wanna know more he paid it back to his family member."

That is just another strong take from LeBron who has never been afraid of taking on the NCAA.