In the latest episode of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, the driver of the blue car steps out. Abdul shares it's the same car he saw in the morning. Sodhi and Bhide rush towards the driver and begin to beat him up.

The owner of the car, a woman, and her daughter get down. She asks Sodhi and Bhide why they are misbehaving with her driver. Bhide tells her that he has kidnapped his wife. She tells him it's not possible, and just then Madhavi comes out of the car.

Gokuldham residents are surprised to see her. Madhavi then tells Bhide that she was looking around for the keys of the house when Kanchan called her. She told her that she was going to the bank, and needed her 'achaar papad'.

Madhavi adds she asked Kanchan to come to the compound, and suggested they could go to the bank together for depositing the jewellery. Madhavi then tells them she forgot the phone at home in a rush. They all rejoice that no theft took place, and Madhavi is safe.

The three suspects - the newspaper vendor, the electrician and the 'shayar' - are let go of. Bhide and others apologise to them for causing inconvenience. They also say sorry to Inspector Chalu Pandey.

However, Inspector Pandey decides not to step inside the Gokuldham society ever. He vows to resign from his post as it's affecting his personal life. Bapu Ji tries to explain to Pandey that for a middle class man even little savings matter.

Just then, Inspector Pandey gets a call from his brother-in-law, and he wonders what to do. After he leaves, Bhide apologises to everyone and assures them he will help them all to return to their workplace. Bhide and Madhavi then return home.

Sonu also comes back. She gets to learn about the entire story and laughs. Bhide decides to get the lock changed. The locksmith is called for the same, and when Bhide is about to pay him, he finds the lost keys in his pocket. He blames Madhavi for the extra expense.

Madhavi tells them she hasn't cooked anything and they all head out for a meal. Popat meets them in the compound, and prays to get a wife so that he could also go out with her.

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