Saying goodbye is hard. Season premieres are even harder. Supernatural needed to accomplish a lot with its season 15 opening. Sam, Dean, and Cas had to escape a horde of angry spirits, set up the entire season, and make fans feel nostalgic is the last premiere we'll have, after all.

They mostly succeeded. Team Free Will was able to banish the cemetery spirits while containing as many as possible in an evacuated town using methods we've pretty much seen before -- a little grave dirt, angel blood, some rock salt, and a human heart were all it took for their spells. Easy peasy.

Were the ghosts a little cheesy in the bright light of day (and with perfect makeup)? Yes. Was it weird that Sam and Dean took one look at a car wreck and not only immediately classified the culprit as a Woman in White, but correctly guessed it was their Woman in White from season one with zero evidence? Also yes.

But that doesn't really matter. Enough was teased throughout the episode to prepare viewers for one hell of a future ride. Two to three billion souls have been released from hell, probably including Michael. Sam's gunshot wound from the Equalizer is giving off some seriously bad vibes. Finally, Sam believes God has pulled the plug and is ready to move on, which means all our boys have to do is end this new apocalypse and they're finally free. All of this is worth getting excited about. (Don't get too comfy though, it doesn't seem like Chuck's really left the building just yet.)

Still, none of this feels like particularly new territory. What really can after 15 years on the air? So Supernatural did what it does better than any other show -- it introduced a new player. Yes, the mastermind behind the TFW's escape and the containment ritual was none other than Belphagor, a demon who specializes in torture and just so happens to be wearing Jack's burnt body. I'm already obsessed with him (sorry Cas).

He's a little bit of Crowley, with a touch of New York Balthazar, and pretty much stole every scene (big shout out to actor Alexander Calavert). He definitely got all the best lines:

This whole scene:

Okay, I'll stop now, you get it. He's snarky and I'm into it. Does that mean TFW should trust him? Absolutely not. I don't believe for a second that he's really just some Dean fanboy who wants to keep Hell the way it's always been. I also still believe Jack is finding his way back from the empty, so Belphagor is gonna have to give up that meat suit sometime.

So that just leaves one more thing for a successful final season premiere: Nostalgia. I'd say they definitely accomplished their goal there. Sam having visions...Sam vs. a clown...Dean reminiscing about patching up Sam as a kid...I mean, come on. NGL, I shouted out those five little words right along with Sam and Dean...and then squealed when they flashed back to the moment that started it all 15 years ago. Can you believe how dark the lighting used to be?!

So yeah, I have high hopes for season 16 after tonight. Supernatural may be drawing to a close, but now more than ever, Sam and Dean still have work to do.

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