SPOKANE, Wash. - Crews with the City of Spokane are continuing cleanup efforts following a snowstorm late Tuesday night that left behind a mess of trees and branches.

The City says additional sheltering services for those experiencing homelessness will remain available until Saturday when temperatures are expected to go back up.

"I want to thank our community for their patience and their support of their neighbors and neighborhoods," Mayor David Condon said in a press release. "As I've traveled around the city since yesterday, I witnesses what Spokane is known for - pitching in to assist their neighbors and getting their neighborhoods cleaned up."

In total, there were 150 reported locations where trees or limbs had fallen into the street. So far, crews have addressed about a third of those. On Wednesday, crews were able to open up blocked streets and in some cases, move debris to the side of the street.

Now, crews are going back and removing tree debris, working in arterials then residential streets. Street tree cleanup efforts will continue into next week, according to the city.

Parks Operations crews are also addressing tree damage and debris in city parks. Until that's been completed, tree limbs that are still snagged in treetops remain a potential hazard for park visitors. The City asks citizens to stay vigilant when visiting parks in the coming weeks.

Citizens have also been taking advantage of the free disposal of tree debris being offered by the City. On Wednesday, 223 people brought in more than 63 tons of debris.

Tree debris can also be placed in green yard wast carts for pickup on customers' normal collection days.

The House of Charity is providing 60 additional spaces for those needing shelter overnight until Saturday. About half of the additional spaces were filled on Wednesday night.

Citizens are asked to call 311 to report any trees in roadways or other damage to public spaces.

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