Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) has a body made of steel - he has been shot twice, sustained numerous head injuries and been in more car crashes than Sharon's had affairs - so it stands to reason that his son Ben (Max Bowden) has inherited his impressive Mitchell genes which allow him to take a thumping every other day.

As you might have guessed, EastEnders is set to air violent scenes which show the latest Ben punch but despite Martin Fowler (James Bye) just being the latest in a long time of people serving Ben with a knuckle sandwich, he could end up seriously regretting it.

Ben has enraged Martin by luring him into a criminal job and then backing out of his promise to allow Stacey (Lacey Turner) to come home. He may have handed over the weapon used to cave Phil's skull in but now he is threatening Martin with proof that he helped him commit a crime.

With Ben having gone back on his word, Martin is furious that he and Stacey are back to square one and a fierce showdown follows, with Martin snapping and punching Ben across the face. But Ben warns him that he will pay the price for this.

Seething at Martin for the showdown, Ben isn't going to let him off the hook easily and a dramatic series of events will eventually follow, with Martin's life left in serious danger. But how far will Ben go in order to prove to Martin that he can't get away with standing up to him?

As the stakes get higher, Martin is trapped and Stacey is no further forward - how will Martin break the news to his wife that she can't come home for the forseeable future? And what level of strain will it put on their marriage?

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