A devastated mother screamed: 'I want to rip you limb from limb!' at her daughter's murderer while clutching a box of the dead woman's dismembered remains.

Kristine Young roared at the top of her voice while facing murderer Jared Chance at his sentencing in Grand Haven, Michigan on Thursday.

Chance, who was jailed for 200 years, killed Ashley Young, 31, in December 2018, then chopped his victim up, with police only able to recover her torso.

And Kristine Young vented her fury at Chance during pre-sentencing remarks, screeching: 'You had no right to take her away from me! To take her away from her family.

'I wanna rip you limb from limb and discard you like trash, like what you did to Ashley

'You do not deserve to breathe. I do not know what Ashley saw in you. She did not deserve this.'

Kristine then gestured to a box containing the ashes of Ashley's torso and emblazoned with a photo of the murdered woman, saying: 'This is what's left of my daughter.

'If I want to hug my daughter I have to hug a box and close my eyes, because you chose to murder her...you chose to execute her, dismember her, scatter her remains.'

'Ashley is not breathing so therefore you should not be breathing.

'You will never tell me where she is because you like to hurt people, you like to torment people, you would have told us a long time ago

'I pray that while you are in prison you will get what you deserve. i pray that you will never see the light of day again

'God will punish you more than anything I could ever do.'

Chance remained impassive and silent throughout the diatribe.

The mother also told the court how doctors had told her she'd never be able to have children, and that she had been thrilled to get pregnant with Ashley - her only child.

Ashley vanished on November 29 last year, and is believed to have been killed by her friend Chance shortly after they went to a hookah lounge for a night out.

He sawed her body up, with Ashley's torso discovered in the basement of her apartment days later.

No motive for the horrific killing was ever given, with Ashley's family still desperate to try and find the rest of her body.

Sentencing Chance, Judge Mark Trusock branded him a 'monster without any conscience whatsoever.'

The judge ordered him to serve a sentence of between 100 and 200 years, adding: 'You are clearly someone who is a danger to society who should never be set free

'I am purposely doing this so you will not be eligible for parole until you are at least 130 years old.'

Ashley's family erupted with applause at news Chance will die behind bars.

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