Gurley suffered a quad injury during the Rams game last Thursday's game against the Seahawks. Sean McVay initially thought Gurley's injury was "typical bumps and bruises," but he said that the development of Gurley's injury caught the team off guard. The Rams didn't expect the soreness of Gurley's quad to linger into the week.

Gurley's status will likely be questionable for Sunday's game. McVay did acknowledge that the Rams have depth at the running back position.

"Fortunately for us, we've got some depth at that position. We've talked about it, whether it's this week, at some point, the confidence we have in Malcolm. There's also going to be a time that we're going to rely on Darrell Henderson. It might end up being this week."

The Rams are on a two-game losing streak, and missing one of their best players could prove to be costly. In the long run, the drop off from Henderson may not be that great. He's only played two snaps this season, though.

I'm fascinated to see how the 49ers line up against the Rams. The Patriots laid out the "blueprint" to stop McVay. In short, line up in a 6-1 front, use speed to take away the Rams crossing routes, and make them run in between the tackles. Also, make them play left-handed. The 49ers have the personnel to make life difficult on the Rams.

Here is NFL Network's Ian Rapoport explaining the status of Gurley's injury.

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