Earlier Thursday morning, champion boxer Errol Spence Jr. was seriously injured in a car crash in Dallas.

Multiple reports revealed Spence was reportedly driving a Ferrari at high speed when his vehicle rolled over and Spence was ejected from the car.

He was taken to a local hospital and remains in the ICU. Despite the severity of the accident, Spence is expected to recover.

Later Thursday afternoon, local reporter J.D. Miles released video footage of the accident.

Spence's vehicle flips several times before coming to a stop on the other side of the road.

Miles revealed Spence "suffered broken teeth" but it expected to recover. The report also suggests Spence could face a DWI charge stemming from the investigation into the crash.

Spence is arguably one of the top boxers in the world and one of the pound-for-pound greats in the sport. He currently holds both the IBF and WBC welterweight titles. He owns a record of 26-0 that includes 21 knockouts.

Friends of the 29-year-old boxer say it's a "miracle" that he's alive considering the extent of the crash.

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