FORT BEND - Mo Nehad is running as a Conservative Democrat while been in law enforcement for the last 5 years beginning in 2014 with HARRIS County Sheriff Office in Patrol Bureau. Mo currently works for the third largest State Police Agency, The University of Texas System Police in Houston. Mo is a Mental Health Officer, Field Training Officer, Classroom Instructor, and OC Instructor. Mo has also completed the Supervisor Course for State Certified Law Enforcement Officers. Mo currently is the #1 Police Officer in regards to performance.

Mo worked for companies like Convergys supporting Gateway Computers, Mattel Products and Compaq Computers. Mo also worked for Verizon for 10 yrs in call center management with the last 5 yrs in management. Mo worked for International FMCG organization in Kuwait as a Sr. Call Center Manager and finally for family business Lisle Violin beginning in 2011 as a Director for Business Operations.

Mo has managed up to 200 employees in his teams while at Verizon Wireless, Kout Food Group - Kuwait and Lisle Violin.

Most recently he has expanded his family business retail stores to Katy in Pct. 3 and Tomball in Harris County. Mo indirectly manages 76 employees, 4 retail locations, two warehouses, a fleet of business vehicles and all business operations non sales related (Asset Management, Human Resources, Real Estate and Payroll Benefits).

Mo is also responsible for the oversight of his family real estate investment properties in Harris County and Fort Bend County.

Mo is promising to introduce proactive policing to all neighborhoods of Pct 3 which is currently is offered to the contract neighborhoods only. Proactive Policing will include traffic enforcement, walk and talk with the businesses and community engagement which will include all of Pct. 3.

Mo promises to advise and keep citizens informed of the performance of the agency's key performance indicators on a quarterly basis versus only every two years right now. Mo will lead by example as he has done with his current agency and past assignments with other organizations.

Mo believes in promoting employees based on performance and seniority within the organization.

Promises currently have not been kept with the current administration such as not promoting within the agency and hiring other Deputies externally. Currently, we will not go into those discussions.

- The Nehad2020 campaign

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