Construction company Interserve has cemented its position as an environmentally friendly business through a series of improvements.

The firm has made changes to its cleaning business, resulting in tens of thousands of bottles per year being saved from landfill.

The company's cleaners use roughly £17 million worth of products per year ensuring that clients' premises are in the best possible condition.

Janet Park, director of cleaning, overhauled operations to dramatically improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve the firm's environmental impact. Two changes included installing dilution-controlled cleaning and cutting down on the variety of products used to create economies of scale.

Janet said: "We changed from a glug-glug approach in which our cleaners were using thousands of products from 1,800 different product lines to a rational approach using one system comprising four products."

The company has further reduced consumption by installing product dispensing systems ensuring each cleaner uses the correct quantity of product.

Janet added: "As is so often the case, moving to a rational, efficient process not only saves everyone money, but also has an extremely positive impact on the environment."


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