Kremlin Sees Detainee Exchange With Ukraine As Positive Step - Spokesman

The Schiller Institute's international Days of Action around Helga Zepp-LaRouche's "International Call to Youth: The Age of Reason Is in the Stars!" got underway yesterday, Sept. 10, on all seven continents on Planet Earth: from Dresden to Detroit, from Mexico City to Yemen, from Melbourne to Manila -- and by email to scientists working on an Argentine research base in Antarctica! With a single voice, humanity's future is demanding a return to a concept of Man premised on the dignity of being a creative being, who sees and makes his own future in the stars.

Coinciding with the first Day of Action, President Donald Trump yesterday announced that he had summarily fired National Security Adviser John Bolton, announcing pointedly: "I disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions, as did others in the Administration." The departure of the hated Bolton means, as Virginia State Senator Richard Black put it, that "a dark cloud has been lifted from the Trump presidency. The world is a safer place with John Bolton gone." Sen. Rand Paul drew a similar conclusion: "The chances of war worldwide go greatly down" with Bolton's firing.

The LaRouche movement can take both justified pride and partial credit for this happy development -- for swimming against the tide whenever needed, to counterpose Lyndon LaRouche's scientific policy alternatives to those of the collapsing British Empire, and its acolytes inside and outside the Trump Administration. That approach is also the key to getting mankind back to the Moon and on to Mars.

Bolton's overdue departure is being celebrated across the United States and around the world, adding to the optimism required to defeat the evil outlook being actively promoted by the British Empire's "green" offensive. Nowhere is this better summarized than the cover of Finland's Tieteen Kuvalehti popular science magazine, which displayed a picture of a baby with an X over it. This overt Malthusianism is shocking and sick -- but it should not be surprising. One is reminded of the 14th-century New Dark Age which, besides the mass deaths directly due to the Black Death, produced such a wave of pessimism that, according to accounts of that time, almost no marriages occurred for years, and even decades, in major portions of Europe, and the birth rate plummeted. It was only the intentional organization of the Golden Renaissance by a small minority of committed men and women, that got Mankind to gaze up at the stars to find the moral and scientific law within themselves, and thereby drag humanity out of the mud.

In 2006, the great American thinker and statesman Lyndon LaRouche addressed the earlier origins of today's cultural and economic decadence. The opening section of his "The Lost Art of the Capital Budget," states:

"Since that notorious uproar of 1968, which erupted in Europe as in the Americas, the mayfly passions of the upper twenty percentile of today's reigning white collar ('Baby Boomer') generation, are frequently expressed as a loss of the desire for the practice of long-term marriages, a loss of caring for the prospects for younger generations, and a loss of any interest in investment in the future of the physical economy of other nations, or even their own."

LaRouche drew the required conclusion: "This must now be changed."


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