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Mansfield is the 25th most deprived area in England, according to an investigation into communities across the country.

The results were revealed as part of Mirror Online's 'Town 2020' series, which looked at four areas of deprivation in towns in England.

It found that 15 of the 20 most deprived parts of the country are in the North or Midlands.

The data reveals that many communities are struggling, with Middlesbrough named as the most deprived part of England.

The least deprived areas are made up of areas in the South East such as Wokingham and Fareham.

The Mirror combined statistics from the NHS, Office For National Statistics (ONS) and other government bodies to find out which local authorities in the country are falling behind when it comes to health, crime, qualifications and economy..

This is how areas across Nottinghamshire ranked overall in the list of 324 different areas in England (with 1 being most deprived, and 324 being least deprived):

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