Barcelona genius, Lionel Messi has said he is not angry at the club for failing to sign Neymar during the recently closed transfer window.

He added that although he is not sure if the club willingly decided not to bring him back to the Nou Camp, he is at peace with how things have turned out.

Messi used the opportunity to state cearly that he does not run things at the club.

His words, "I would have loved for Neymar to come,"

"Honestly, I don't know if Barca did everything possible to get him back but I'm sure negotiating with PSG isn't easy.

"I am not disappointed. We have a spectacular squad that can fight on all fronts, without Ney as well.

"On a sporting level Neymar is one of the best in the world. And with him on the sponsorship and image front the club would have also taken a step up."

"We never asked for Neymar to be signed, we just gave our opinion,"

"Do I run things? It has been demonstrated that it is not the case."

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