The device could be unveiled in October alongside the Pixel 4 phone

Filings with the FCC provide more details on an anticipated addition to Google's smart home product lineup.

As reported by 9to5Google, the filings seem to reveal some features of the yet-to-be-announced Nest mini -- the newest addition to the company's smart speaker lineup, not to be confused the the Google Home Mini.

According to images in the filing, the device is wall-mounted and contains a cutout on the side rim of the speaker which is suspected to be a space for a headphone jack -- a feature reportedly being mulled according to prior reports from 9to5Google.

Picture above is the back of the device which shows a spot in which the speaker could be screwed into the wall and a cutout which could be an inlet for a headphone jack

A headphone port would allow the device to hook up to external audio sources like a laptop or computer and would also mimic a similar hardware design from the Echo Dot, Amazon's popular smart speaker.

It's still unclear whether the cutout is indeed a place for a headphone jack as noted by The Verge which suggests the space could also be the location of the device's mute switch.

The Nest Mini will reportedly also come equipped with upgraded speakers over the Google Home Mini, though a full list of features for the device are still unclear.

Design-wise, the device appears to differ very little to its counterpart, the Google Home mini and looks to be similar in size.

There's currently no release date for the Nest Mini but it's possible that Google may unveil it alongside the company next smart phone, the Pixel 4, in October.

While Google's next generation of Pixel smartphones is similarly mysterious, the company has leaked one major feature that will set the device apart from others in the market.

The Google Home Mini (pictured above) is another smart speaker from Google and was release in 2017 for only $29

In a blog post this July, Google confirmed that its newest Pixel iteration will include what it describes as 'motion-sense' technology -- a short-range radar that enables users to control their phones from a distance.

The Pixel 4 will be the first of Google's devices using the technology, called Soli, and according to the company will allow customers to 'skip songs, snooze alarms, and silence phone calls, just by waving your hand.'

One of the most intriguing applications of Soli will combine the technology with facial recognition software -- another new addition to the device -- to make the 'unlocking' process more seamless.

Google says the Pixel 4 will use its radar technology to sense when you're about to pick the device up, enabling the phone to preemptively activate its facial recognition feature and theoretically expedite the unlock process.


Nest Hub Max will launch this summer for $229

Google's latest smart home device has a built in camera for video-chatting and even indoor security.

At the annual I/O developer conference, the firm unveiled the $229 Nest Hub Max that combines the features of Nest and Home Hub devices.

It has a 10-inch HD display, smart camera, and a rear-facing woofer to provide 'full stereo sound.'

Nest Hub Max can be used to keep an eye on your home when you aren't there, and comes with the ability to enable notifications for motion or unfamiliar people.

Google Duo capability also means it can be used for video calling on iOS and Android devices. 'You can also use Duo to leave video messages for other members of your household,' Google notes.

Nest Hub Max will launch in the US this summer for $229, along with the UK (£219) and in Australia (AUS$349).

The Nest Hub Max has a built-in camera with a wide-angle lens and 10-inch display

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