It's been a couple of days since the electric LSU-Texas game in Austin, though the feud between the Tigers and the Longhorns has continued into the next week.

LSU and Texas have been trading barbs through the press and on social media, with the Tigers being upset about the visiting locker room and the Longhorns issuing their own statements.

Tonight, a couple of LSU fans appeared to take things too far.

Tom Herman's wife, Michelle, shared a phone call from some alleged LSU fans. The head coach's wife had some fun with the callers, deciding to speak Spanish.

"Dang, LSU fans not liking/getting my jokes. I guess my family will be getting more racist phone calls tonight from LSU fans. It's all good though, hasta el año que viene!" she wrote.

College football rivalries can be a lot of fun, but hastily calling the wife of another team's head coach is just way out of line.

This Texas-LSU rivalry isn't going away anytime soon, either.

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