Re: Rachel Maddow sued for $10 million by One America News in defamation case

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Rachel Maddow has been keeping the feet of "Little Lying Donnie" to the fire of truth and facts since before he unfortunately stole the election. I wish her well and hope she comes out on top once One America News' lawsuit to silence her is over.


So I take you think she can lie again and again and her viewers will "eat it up".

The thing that you should consider, if you care is if Trump says ANYTHING that might or might not be true the media is over him and its national news. Maddow can lie and make things up and her left wing viewers believer her.

Its time that Maddow is exposed for what she is.


Well even by what you posted she tells the truth most of the time, and if you adjust it for part true it goes even higher. Now lets got to Trump who lies over 98% of the time. Lets tackle the big problem of who tells lies. Trump. Now you support Trump so you approve of a person who lies over 98% of the time, yet you post about a person who tells the truth most of the time. Here is a suggestion on what to do about people telling a lie. Start to solve the problem by moving on the person doing it the most. We get rid of Trump in 2020 for telling lies, and you can lead that charge. Then we look at others.