When Hillary Clinton ran for office in 2016, it was more than a little bit obvious that she had some pretty serious health concerns. She was collapsing, gulping booze, popping pills, falling down stairs, convulsing, and being periodically being thrown into black vans by suited goons. One got the impression that she was being made to run. There was also a weird letter from her to lady Rothschild begging for forgiveness and asking how she could make amends, but we'll just leave that there.

So, now we have Joe Biden. The man clearly does not want to run for office. He's pretty much made that clear. He has no enthusiasm, he grasps for words like he's never taken the time to think out his arguments before being put on the debate stage. Think about it. The man has always been a second-stringer, an executive officer rather than a commanding officer. He just does not have it in him to take the lead.

Consider the dramatic rate at which Barack Obama's hair went white during his first four years. That's a sure sign of significant stress and strain. Biden had a front-row seat to whatever it was that made Obama's hair go white. Biden is already an old man. Do you think he wants to get hit by the lightning bolt that hit Obama? No way!

Now, the man's eyes are filling up with blood live on national TV. He's had multiple brain hemorrhages, and the Dems are still pushing him to run.

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