The liberal establishment has been trying to commandeer control of our economy by lying about the causes of climate change for decades. All you have to do to know that this is the truth is to go back to 1977 and reexamine the "global cooling" scare that was shoved down our necks back then.

The claim was that carbon emissions were blocking out the sun and causing the globe to become progressively colder and that eventually, it would wipe us out. Can you guess what their solution was? Go on, give it think. Their solution was to set up a command economy under Democrat control. They were going to blast you with gas taxes, travel taxes, and God knows what else if they had been given the emergency powers they were asking for.

But global cooling never happened, just like the global warming claims they've made never happened. Now, for curiosity's sake, can you name two ranking Washington Democrats who have recently purchased multi-million dollar sea-front property? We can -- Barack Obama and Al Gore. Do you really think they would do that if they believed their own hype?

No, friends, the climate change scare is nothing but a longstanding attempt to frighten and guilt the American people into giving them commanding control over the levers of economic power. They want you weak, they want your operational range limited and controlled -- but most importantly, they want those sweet, sweet carbon tax dollars.

Here's PragerU with more on the fraudulent Climate Change Scare agenda.

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