The head chef from the "world's best restaurant" has posted an unusual direct message he received from a fan, suggesting he experiment with psychedelic mushrooms in the kitchen.

René Redzepi is the Danish head chef of Noma, a two Michelin star restaurant, that was voted the "best restaurant in the world" by Restaurant Magazine for four years, in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014.

The fan sent messages to Redzepi, saying, "I'm reaching out whilst in the middle of a psycedellic (sic) experience with mushrooms".

The fan then suggested he could bring Redzepi some "psy truffles" from the Nederlands.

"I feel this is BIG man," he said.

"Name someone that has better followers," Redzepi said, sharing a screenshot of the post to his 854,000 followers this morning. The post has attracted over 58,000 likes.

David Chang, founder of Momofuku, which has restaurants around the world, including Momofuku Seiōbo, joked in the comments, "Why you gotta show everyone my DM?"

"It's a kind of interesting dining idea," commented Nina Olsson.

Jamie Bissonnette tagged his business partner Ken Oringer, writing, "We are doing it wrong".

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