The Scottish Court of Session yesterday called out Boris Johnson for his cowardice and chicanery.

It was absurd of the Prime Minister to claim that his decision to suspend Parliament had nothing to do with Brexit.

The court judgement nailed this bogus claim and exposed Johnson for what he is: a power- hungry PM who dislikes being held to account.

The ruling is damning. The judges were unanimous in finding Johnson's decision to prorogue Parliament was motivated by the "improper purpose of stymieing Parliament".

The inference of the judgement is clear: the PM deceived the Queen when he requested she terminate early the current session.

It is obvious he cares little for the institutions which are the bedrock of this country.

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Furthermore, he has been judged to have shown contempt for democracy.

Whatever side of the Brexit debate you are on, this should be a cause for alarm.

Democracies only function if those in power can be held accountable for their actions.

Johnson is acting like someone who believes he is above the law. If he wants to prove otherwise he should recall Parliament now.

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