Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Islamabad Capital Administration ICT, has launched action to remove generators and security apparatus blocking public pathways.

In this connection, Enforcement Directorate of the Authority alongwith Building Control Section (BCS), Electrical and Mechanical Division with the assistance of ICT Administration disconnected electric cables of several generators and dismantled guard posts, placed beyond plot line, in sector F-6. Furthermore, security cabins and other material were also confiscated during the said operation. Residents have been directed, through notices, to remove all such apparatus from the sate land and shift it within their allotted plot. In case of non-compliance generators and other apparatus will be confiscated and fines would be imposed.

It is pertinent to mention here that encroachments established outside plot lines are causing hindrance in pedestrian movement as well as affecting the symmetry in the city. Action against such encroachments will remain continue.

In the meanwhile, teams of Enforcement Directorate with the assistance of ICT Administration carried out anti-encroachment activity in Sector I-14 near Hajj Complex and demolished several illegal constructions and encroachments from the vicinity.

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