COIMBATORE: A policeman here was suspended on charges of teasing a woman while drunk.

Ravi Kumar, resident of Periyanaickenpalayam on the outskirts of the city, owns a lathe workshop.

His wife, Saranya (35), was heading towards Keeranatham on her two-wheeler to meet her mother.

While crossing the Athipalayam Tasmac shop, a policeman standing in front of the shop, chased Saranya on his bike, and indulged in teasing her. Saranya panicked, stopped her vehicle in a prime area, ran into a shop and informed her husband about the incident over phone.

Not stopping with that, the unruly policeman entered the shop and started to verbally abuse Saranya.

While this drama was going on, Ravi Kumar along with his friends reached the spot and confronted the policeman.

A heated verbal quarrel followed, are people gathered at the spot. The policeman was identified as Prabakaran, driver of a police higher official working at Periyanaickenpalayam jurisdiction limits.

People also found liquor bottles in the cover of his bike's petrol tank. They warned him asking him to move away and threatened to thrash him.

One bystander took pictures of the incident and informed district police superintendent, Sujith Kumar.

A police source said that Prabakaran was suspended immediately. Further investigations are on.

He has to undergo departmental actions too following an enquiry, added the source.

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