When our poll came in showing Sanders getting his highest polling numbers among Latinos, I wasn't too surprised. It fits with polling out last weekend that had him slightly ahead in Nevada, a heavily Latino state.

The real question is why is Sanders doing better among Latinos than he is among other racial groups. For instance, is it merely because Latinos tend to be younger than other racial groups?

I decided to run a little model that tried to figure out whether being Latino or not correlates highly with supporting Sanders, once we control for age, education and ideology.

It turns out that being a Latino ranks fourth in importance behind all three other variables in explaining whether or not a potential Democratic primary voter supports Sanders.

Now, being Latino still correlates positively with being more inclined to vote for Sanders, but it's far less determinative than being black is when folks are saying they are choosing Biden at this point.

Put another way: It seems to me that Sanders gets higher Latino support more because of the age, education and ideological makeup of the Latino voting bloc than some special connection with them.