MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace explained exactly why President Donald Trump seemed so irritated online Wednesday after he unloaded his frustrations on Twitter: a new round of worrying polls.

"Not even a trip to the Pentagon to honor the victims of 9/11 on this solemn anniversary slowed the president's steady stream of complaints and attacks today," she said. "He came positively undone about a fresh round of head-to-head polls that show him losing to nearly half a dozen Democrats."

She continued: "It's those polls that show Donald Trump's political standing may be reaching a low-point that's leading to a presidential unraveling. Here are those polls: Donald Trump loses to Joe Biden in head-to-head polling by 15 points; Donald Trump loses to Bernie Sanders by 9 points; Donald Trump losing to Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris by 7 points. And Donald Trump loses to Mayor Pete Buttigieg, should he be the nominee, by 4 points."

She noted that these findings are supported by a new Washington Post-ABC News poll that found Trump's approval rate at 38 percent, showing "that Trump's squandered summer has taken a toll."

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