Tuesday night saw a combined boat team and rope rescue team training scenario

Vernon residents may have been concerned after seeing Vernon Search and Rescue (VSAR) in the waters after dark last night, but all is well. VSAR members were just practising their skills.

Search manager Trevor Honigman said VSAR had a combined boat team and rope rescue team training session Tuesday night.

"The scenario involved an injured subject who was climbing a cliff face near the lake," he said. "(They were) trapped and required help to get down."

The response initiated from Paddlewheel Park in Vernon and the VSAR rope team members were transported to the location on the shore of the Okanagan Lake by boat.

"Access to the subject was gained by hiking and around a cliff," Honigman said. "A rope system was built to lower an an attendant."

"The subject received first aid and then was lowered with the attendant to the base of the cliff, where the boat team's vessels were waiting."

While the rope team was practising, the boat team vessels conducted water operations and search pattern training.

"All members were then transported by boat back to Paddlewheel Park for a debriefing of the successful training."

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